The Ultimate Razor E300 Scooter

If you want the best scooter, the Razor E300 Scooter is the best choice.  It is the top of the line in the scooter and electric ride on industry.  It is the closest model to the full-size scooter.  The Razor E300 scooter is more than just your ordinary ride-on toy.  It is a motor vehicle that will bring you the ultimate scooter riding experience.

The Razor E300 Scooter is not just fun and good looking with its sleek design and color variations; it is very durable, energy-saving and easy to control too.   It is packed with features so much unlike its other earlier models, Razor E100 and E200.

The Main Features of the Razor e300 Scooter are:

  • Runs up to 15 miles per hour
  • Ultra quiet chain-drive motor
  • Variable speeds
  • 10-inch extra wide tires
  • Rubber pneumatic tires in front and back
  • Hand-operated rear break
  • Switch-on start
  • Maximum weight capacity: 220 pounds
  • Large deck and frame
  • 41” length x 17” width x 42” height
  • Actual weight is 35 pounds
  • Two rechargeable 12-volt sealed lead acid batteries and charger
  • 8-12 hours charging time
  • 45-minute continuous riding time
  • Fixing and maintenance tools included
  • Folding handlebar mechanism
  • Twist-grip acceleration handle

Razor E300 ScooterThe Razor E300 Scooter is designed for riders aged 12 and above.  The size and durability of the Razor E300 Scooter suits adults as well who are within the maximum weight limit.  The deck and frame is larger and built for heavier purposes.  The extra wide front and back tires made of pneumatic rubber can carry heavy and bigger built riders and ensure a smooth ride.

Razor E300 Scooter is perfect for beginners because it is very easy to operate.  Many customers buy this for their own kids as young as 8 years old.  Just switch the vehicle on, grip and twist the handle accelerator, and throttle away. No need to push-off to engage the motor. It has variable speeds so you can go faster or slower if you wish.  You will experience a struggle in an upward slope, but it runs smoothly and speedy in any flat pavements.  The rear brakes are hand-operated too for better control and safer stop.  It is still recommended that riders wear safety protection such as helmets, knee pads and elbow pads.

When fully charged, the high-performance Razor E300 Scooter can run continuously up to 45 minutes. It can run up to 15 miles per hour.  It is powered by two rechargeable 12-volt sealed lead acid batteries.  The standard charging time is 8 to 12 hours.  A quiet chain-drive motor runs the vehicle.  The scooter comes with basic fixing and maintenance tools, as it also requires regular checking on bolts and other parts.

Storage and transport is very convenient with its folding handlebar mechanism feature.  It is, in itself, lightweight at only 35 pounds.  Compared to the other Razor scooter models, it is a bit heavy because of its bigger frame and deck and full functions.

Who Makes the Razor e300 Scooter?

Razor E300 Scooter is an exclusive product of Razor USA, LLC, a privately held company in Cerritos, California.  The company have received various awards from Toy Industry Associations and other institutions.  Other Razor USA products include kick scooters, electric scooters (E200 and E100), revolutionary products like Dirt Rocket, Pocket Rocket, Ground Force, Pocket Mod, other electric powered ride-on toys, and junior line of scooters.  They also manufacture the RVM-Team Razor for pro scooter athletes for worldwide tours, international competitions and demonstrations.

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