Razor_E300Electric scooters like Razor E300 are the best riding vehicle for kids and beginners. It is fun, safe to use, and affordable. It is energy-efficient too. This is the perfect alternative for a bike.

The Razor E300 is the top of the line model ever released in the market. It is not a ride-on toy. It is full of features, powerful and as close to full-size ever. It has a large deck, frame and tires compared to the other models or other brands in the market. It is durable and provides a speedy performance in a powerful package.

The Razor E300 is designed for older kids, teens and lightweight adults. It can carry up to 220 lbs of weight. Heavier riders may experience a bit of struggle on an inclined upward surface, but the Razor E300 is fully powered and is designed for extreme control that even youngsters can keep handle it easily.

The smaller scooters like the Razor E100 and E200 uses polyurethane rear wheel, which are designed for light use. The Razor E300 is a full-sized machine and it needs a bigger, wider and more durable tire. The extra wide 10-inch tires of Razor E300 are rubber pneumatic in front and back. It is full size to deliver a great driving power.

Unlike other scooter models and brands, the Razor E300 has a no-push feature. You do not need to push off the scooter to engage the motor. Just switch it on, twist the throttle and you are ready to go. It works just like a motorcycle.

Razor E300 Basic Features

  • High performance motor up to 15mph
  • Continuous use up to 40 minutes
  • Twist-grip acceleration control
  • 10-inch pneumatic tires
  • Super-sized deck and frame suitable for all sizes of riders
  • 12-hour battery charge time

Cool-And-Stylist-Electric-Scooter-By-Razor-5Razor Background

Razor is a 12-year old company in the US. It is based in Cerritos California and holds the worldwide rights to the RazorĀ® brand. Razor sells wildly popular kick scooters and electric scooter models like the Razor E300, E200 and E100. Other revolutionary Razor products are Dirt Rocket, Pocket Rocket, Pocket Mod, Ground Force, other electric powered ride-on toys and junior line of scooters.

For pro scooter athletes ages 9 to 20, who participate in world tour demonstrations and competitions, Razor offers the special action video-RVM Team Razor products.

Razor has been awarded Toy of the Year award from Toy Industry associations, TIME, Parents, Parenting, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Nick Jr., and US News & World Report.

Best Razor E300 Deals

You can find Razor E300 from many big retailers like Best Buy, Target and Walmart. You can also find the Razor E300 scooter in Amazon. Amazon offers the best price, best customer service, rebates, no tax and free shipping in United States. It is the best place to get Razor E300 scooter.

Tips in Buying Razor E300

The best prices for Razor E300 are found online. If you choose to buy in Amazon or other online stores, check the product first in your local stores.

If you are a first-time buyer of a scooter, and you have no certain idea about what to buy or which fits best for you, consult an expert or bring along a friend who knows much about scooters. This will keep you from spending money on a scooter that could be faulty or too expensive for its features. Be sure to test the Razor E300 on the road before you buy it. Razor Scooter Wiki